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Yokogawa FG120
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These generator/source models have been developed with the concept of a simplified architecture at a low price.
With the emphasis on the most often used functions, the concept allows easy operation and gives you the right signals you need in making evaluations. Direct digital synthesis is used to generate highly accurate signals.
  • Fully independent 2-channel outputs (FG120)
    The FG120 permits you to set up various parameters separately such as the type of waveform, output frequency, amplitude and phase for the two channels which are completely independent of each other.

    The phase difference between the two channels can be set in 0.01 degree increments from -10000 to +10000 degrees, which gives you more flexibility for a variety of applications.
  • Output waveforms
    Sine, square, triangle, ramp, pulse, etc.
  • Output frequency
    DC, 1 uHz to 2 MHz (sine and square waves).
    You can set up the frequency from 1mHz to as wide as 2 MHz with 1mHz or 10-digit resolution. Direct digital synthesis makes highly accurate and stable frequency signals available to you.
  • Maximum output voltage: +/-10 V

  • Fully Programmable GP-IB Interface
    Each model is designed to allow high-speed control of all panel settings via the GP-IB interface so it can be used in an automated system. Various GP-IB commands are available for your applications.
  • Multiple Operation Modes
    The following four output modes are available for each model:
    1. CONT: Provides continuous oscillation.
    2. TRIG: Generates a complete waveform any number of times specified (1 to 65536) in synchronization with the trigger signal.
    3. GATE: Generates a complete waveform any number of times for as long as the gate signal is enabled.
    4. DC: Generates DC voltages.
  • Five High-quality Output Waveforms
    Each model outputs high-quality sine, square (fixed duty cycle of 50%), triangle, ramp, and pulse (variable duty cycle of 5 to 95%) waveforms, along with their inverted forms.
  • Maximum Output Swing of 20 Vp-p (at a high-impedance load)
    Amplitude and offset can be set for an output level. In addition, high and low levels may be set for any output waveform.
  • Variable Starting-and-Ending Point of a Phase
    Besides the phase setting between two channels, the starting-and-ending point of a phase in the TRIG or GATE mode can be set separately for each channel.
  • Storing/Recalling Panel Setups
    Both models can store or recall up to ten different panel setups.
  • High Stability Frequency Reference (optional)
    A high-stability quartz generator with a frequency accuracy of about 1ppm is provided for your application needs where a highly accurate frequency output is essential.
  • Low Distortion Output (optional)
    An optional feature for low distortion output is provided for your application needs where high-purity signals or high-accuracy phases are essential.
  • 制造商: Yokogawa
  • 模型: FG120