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Fluke 5080A-MEG
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Multi-Product Calibrator

The 5080A calibrator calibrates your analog workload accurately and reliably, thanks to its high voltage and current compliance. With maximum burden up to 800 mA for ac/dc voltage, and voltage up to 50 V for ac/dc current, the 5080A can drive a wide range of analog meters. Options and accessories expand workload coverage.

Options and accessories enable you to use the 5080A to calibrate an even broader workload, including:

COIL Clamp meters: The Fluke 9100-200 10/50 turn coil and 5500A/COIL 50-turn current coil enables the 5080A to calibrate most popular clamp meters at currents up to 1000 A rms amps.

SC Oscilloscope: The 5080A/SC options calibrate oscilloscopes to 200 MHz quickly, easily, and cost effectively. Verify dynamic response, bandwidth, timing, multiple triggering functions, and input resistance.

MEG Megohm Meter: The 5080A/MEG option sources high ohms, high voltage resistors up to 18 G ohms. It also measures high voltage outputs.

CAL Calibration Software: The 5080/CAL software is designed for calibrating analog and digital workload with the 5080A calibrator. It enables you to automate, calibration, manage inventory, collect data and print reports, easily and economically.
  • 制造商: Fluke
  • 模型: 5080A-MEG