Signal Analyzers : Rigol DG2041A/DS1102CA Signal Analy


Rigol DG2041A/DS1102CA Signal Analysis Package 2
放大图片Rigol DG2041A/DS1102CA Signal Analysis Package 2

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Standalone Analysis

These Dynamic Signal Analysis Kits include all you need to test, emulate, and evaluate dynamic signals including a scope for time domain measurements and an arbitrary waveform generator for creating, emulating, and testing the limits of a systems signal requirements. Transfer signals from the scope to the generator on a USB stick or upgrade to the stand-alone Signal Analysis kit and perform the acquisition, emulation, and modulation automatically. With package 2, direct connect these units using a standard USB cable, then capture a signal with the scope, automatically load that wave as an arbitrary file in the generator and play it back while adjusting the amplitude and frequency. This is a great way to test signal integrity tolerances for your receiving circuitry as well as to conduct failure analysis by isolating different signals in a system. All models in the DS1000CA scope series can be used in this way with the DG2041A in this way.

Compare to Instek and LeCroy

  • 制造商: Rigol
  • 模型: DG2041A/DS1102CA Signal Analy