Digital Oscilloscopes : Yokogawa 7004 Series


Yokogawa 7004 Series
放大图片Yokogawa 7004 Series

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The DL4100 / DL4200 are equipped with unique 10-bit 100MS/s A/D converters in each channel. When compared with a conventional digital oscilloscope with 1K word record length and 8-bit A/D converters the DL4100 / DL4200 give you 100 times better horizontal resolution and 4 times better vertical resolution.

  • 100MS/s, 10-bit A/D converter and +/-1% DC accuracy permit high accuracy measurements
  • 100K word record length and fast signal processing permit faithful display of waveforms
  • 3.5-inch FDD and SCSI interface (option) ensure effective use of the captured waveform
  • Accuracy makes the difference in measurement reliability
  • 制造商: Yokogawa
  • 模型: 7004 Series