Radio Test Set : Aeroflex IFR 3500A-1-2-7-8


Aeroflex-IFR 3500A-1-2-7-8
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The 3500A improves upon the success of the Aeroflex 3500, the industry's first 1GHz hand-held test set. Now at less than 8 lbs., and packaged in a NEW cast magnesium alloy case, the Aeroflex 3500A is truly a rugged and portable radio test set. With NEW integrated audio connectors and a microphone connector, the 3500A offers even easier operation than the 3500.

A Radio Test Set that can be used anywhere
Featuring full radio test set features, with up to 7 hours of battery life, the Aeroflex 3500A is ready to be used anywhere. The 3500A is perfect for testing AM and FM radio transceivers, whether on a bench, installed in a vehicle, or in some remote location. It also has the power to test the cables and antennas, making it the only hand-held radio test set that can test all the components of an installed radio system.

  • 2 MHz - 1 GHz operation
  • AM/FM transmitter and receiver tests
  • Spectrum Analyzer with < -136 dBm noise floor
  • Audio Frequency Oscilloscope
  • Antenna/Cable tests
  • Weight less than 8 lbs.
  • 5 hour battery life with continuous use
  • -20 to + 50 C operating temperature range
  • Rugged construction (specifications for humidity, altitude, shock, and vibration, MIL RF 28800F Class II Certified)

Options Included in this specific unit:
01 Spectrum Analyzer
02 Oscilloscope
07 P25 Test
08 Tracking Generator

  • 制造商: Aeroflex IFR
  • 模型: 3500A-1-2-7-8