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Tescom TC-2300B
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TC2300B DAB DMB Test set.

TC-2300B DAB/DMB Tester supports the Eureka-147 (ESTI EN 301 500) system. It can freely change every parameter related to protocols in a GUI operating system and simultaneously generates nearly unlimited signal patterns.

Additionally, it includes an RF upconverter, which supports RF output in a range between 0~-120dBm and Band II, III, L frequency ranges. As a result, it can directly generate broadcasting signals to DUTs so systems can be easily aligned. The TC-2300B's audio analyzing function can be used to analyze signals from earphones or a receiver's speaker to test or reception sensitivity or audio quality. With various features such as 1Hz step frequency, 0.1dB step output of stabilized RF performance and many other functions, the TC-2300B is an ideal solution in the development, production and service of DAB/DMB receivers.

Key Features:
  • Supports Eureka-147 (ETSI EN 301 400) protocol
  • Combination test equipment (OFDM modulator+ RF up+converter+Ensemble multiplexer)
  • Supports Band II, III, L (87.5MHz ~ 108MHz, 174MHz~250MHz, 1452MHz~1492MHz)
  • 0 ~ -120dBm RF output range
  • Support I-Q output port
  • Built-in 512Mbyte Flash memory to store Video or Audio stream data (up to 1072Kbps)
  • Transmit fixed patterns for BER measurement
  • Built-in Audio Analyzer (SINAD, Distortion, Frequency, Level)
  • Audio discontinuation test function for measuring digital audio quality
  • FM modulation signal generator
  • Support Reconfiguration, Announcement, TII
  • Easily upgradeable by use of Flash Memory
  • High speed external data port to support Audio or Video up to 600Kbps
  • User definable screen
  • GPIB and RS-232C Remote Control port
  • CE Compliant : EN 61010-1:2001, EN 61326:1997+A1:1998+A2:2001+A3:2003, EN 61000-3-2:2000, EN 61000-3-3:1995+A1:2001
  • 制造商: Tescom
  • 模型: TC-2300B