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Sencore LC102
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AUTO-Z Capacitor-Inductor Analyzer

The Sencore LC102 AUTO-Z Capacitor-Inductor Analyzer takes the guesswork out of capacitor and inductor testing. It provides automatic tests of capacitor value, leakage, ESR, and a patented dielectric absorption test. Inductors are automatically analyzed for value and quality with patented tests. The LC102 is a complete, automatic, microprocessor-controlled capacitor and inductor analyzer. Its features make it ideally suited for both single, component analyzing in service or maintenance work or for large volume, batch testing in a lab or incoming inspection.

  • Quickly Identifies Defective Components
  • Automatic Testing of Capacitors and Inductors
  • LCD Readout
  • 制造商: Sencore
  • 模型: LC102