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Bird 7006A250
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The 7006A250, TPM Transfer Standard Kit provides a portable, highly accurate transfer standard to calibrate the TPM. The In-Situ Calibration feature of the TPM allows you to never have to remove it from service and return it to the factory for yearly calibration. This keeps you ON AIR with reliable power measurements traceable to NIST.

On the calibration schedule you set for your TPM, simply connect the Transmitter Power Monitor to the TPM, compare the readings and make any necessary adjustments. You will control your own calibration schedule while maintaining your traceability and meeting or exceeding FCC guidelines for RF Power Monitoring.
The Kit Includes:
  • (1) 5000-XT, Digital Power Meter
  • (1) TS-TPM-1, Transfer Standard
  • (1) 5A2264-09-MF-10, Data Cable
  • (1) 6A340-ADJ, Potentiometer Adjustment Tool
  • (1) 5000-035, Transit Case
  • 制造商: Bird
  • 模型: 7006A250