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Bird 8890-300SC13
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2.5 kW, 13.56 MHz, Ultra Stable, Oil-Cooled Termination

For maximum process repeatability and consistency, modern plasma applications require precise RF power regulation and control. A key component in ensuring accurate & repeatable RF power delivery to the chamber is calibration, regulation & monitoring of the RF generator. Bird now offers ultra-stable, low VSWR loads for quick and precise measurement of generator power output when used with precision power sensors such as the Bird 4020 series.

  • No warm-up time
  • Ultra stable: less than 0.1dB total change in VSWR from 0 to 100 percent rating power at 13.56 MHz
  • Passive design
  • Ultra-low VSWR - typically less than 1.05:1 at process critical frequencies
  • Homogeneous RF design provides long-term repeatability
  • 制造商: Bird
  • 模型: 8890-300SC13