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Protek B8020FD
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See Instek product replacement.

20MHz Dual Output DDS Function Generator

- Built with highly stable and reliable Direct Digital Synthesis[DOS] technology

- The 8000FD series ofFunction Generators consist of 4 models with Frequency ranges from 1 MicroHz to 3MHz(B8003FD)/10MHz(B8010FD)/20MHz(B8020FD)/40MHz(B8040FD)

- All models have a Dual output with a second 0.1Hz to 20KHz output with all internal waveforms available

- AM[int/ext], FM [int], FSK, ASK, PSK and Burst

- Linear & logarithmic sweep

- Excellent long and short term frequency stability

- RS232 interface

- Built in 100MHz Frequency counter

- Convenient keyboard entry of all waveform parameters

  • 制造商: Protek
  • 模型: B8020FD