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Ramsey STE3000AV
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Microwave RF Shielded Test Enclosure
RF Isolation: 20 MHz to 8 GHz

With the new STE3000AV, we've added a built-in high resolution color video camera inside the box, and a 7 inch widescreen color TFT display on the outside - but this display isn't just a monitor! Not only does it give you the clearest and closest view yet of the device under test, it's also a high resolution digital video recorder with 40GB of storage! Once the testing begins, as you manually scroll through the phone displays and menus using the RF-tight silver mesh gloves, a video record can log every move onto the DVR! And it gets even better - a built-in microphone on the device is recording as you work, allowing you to narrate throughout the process without the need for another recorder.

Imagine recording high quality audio and video of every step of your product testing with a touch of a button. The STE3000AV makes it possible! Simply hit the record button on the top of the recorder, and sessions are stored as time-stamped individual files on the built-in 40GB hard drive. At the highest quality setting the device will hold approximately 18 hours of video! These files can be exported to standard SD memory cards or transferred directly to any computer via USB for backup, archiving, or playback. Playback is immediately available on the builtin 7 inch 16:9 TFT display, and the built-in A/V outputs also allow for playback or realtime viewing on any external video monitor or television with standard RCA inputs. The DVR can also be easily removed from the swivel mount to be used as a portable playback (or recording) device, and the built-in Lithium-Ion battery pack keeps it running for hours before a charge is required. The DVR can be controlled through either the common sense on-screen graphical menu interface, or the included IR remote control.

Just like the STE3000, the STE3000AV's heavy duty double lip construction, high performance RF gaskets, and absorbent foam is used to provide up to -90dB isolation at 3GHz. All connections are brought out through our universal I/O panel. If you and your team are looking for a foolproof all-in-one cellular testing solution, the STE3000AV is your answer!

  • RF Absorbent foam liner
  • Double-lip RF tight gasket
  • Easy release handles
  • Gas filled cover strut
  • Universal I/O panel
  • RF tight silver mesh gloves
  • RF tight screen-view window
  • Color OSD video camera
  • 40GB video DVR system
  • Inside LED illumination system
  • 制造商: Ramsey
  • 模型: STE3000AV