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Leader LF990
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Signal Level Meter

  • Designed specifically for the ISDB-Tb terrestrial format now being implemented in South/Central America.
  • Accepts 5MHz - 870MHz/ 950MHz - 2,600MHz
  • (F-type connector; 75 Ohm)
  • Supports both digital and analog transmission systems to aid in the analog to digital transition
  • Supports QPSK, 16-256QAM and OFDM for CATV operation.
  • Supports broadcast, cable operation.
  • Measures RF Level, C/N. BER, MER and DELAY PROFILE.
  • Provides Constellation display and Spectral Display.
  • Presets and measurement logs can be stored in USB thumb-drive for ease of use and documentation purposes.
  • Provides auto-channel search function for terrestrial and CATV.
  • Color LCD (TFT) display provides easy to read and understand displays.
  • Remote control via USB interface.
  • Lithium-Ion battery operation, battery and AC adaptor included.

  • 制造商: Leader
  • 模型: LF990