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Anritsu MT8820C
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The MT8820C is an all-in-one Radio Communication Analyzer that is the ideal solution to test LTE, 3G and 2G wireless devices. The MT8820C supports all test functions including signaling, TX parametric, and RX parametric tests. Leveraging the strengths of its predecessor, the MT8820B, the new MT8820C allows users to reduce cost and space over other solutions. The MT8820C can be used with wireless devices that operate between 30 MHz and 2.7 GHz. In addition, the MT8820C maintains backwards compatibility with MT8815B and MT8820B software to accelerate test station setup and reduce installation cost and time when upgrading.


MT8820C-001 W-CDMA Measurement Hardware
MT8820C-002 TDMA Measurement Hardware
MT8820C-003 CDMA2000 Measurement Hardware
MT8820C-005 1xEV-DO Measurement Hardware
MT8820C-007 TD-SCDMA Measurement Hardware
MT8820C-008 LTE Measurement Hardware
MT8820C-011 Audio Board
MT8820C-012 Parallel Phone Measurement Hardware
MT8820C-043 CDMA2000 Time Offset CAL For GPS SG (requires MT8820C-003 and MX882002C)
MT8820C-101 W-CDMA Measurement Hardware Retrofit
MT8820C-102 TDMA Measurement Hardware Retrofit
MT8820C-103 CDMA2000 Measurement Hardware Retrofit
MT8820C-105 1xEV-DO Measurement Hardware Retrofit
MT8820C-107 TD-SCDMA Measurement Hardware Retrofit
MT8820C-108 LTE Measurement Hardware Retrofit
MT8820C-111 Audio Board Retrofit
MT8820C-112 Parallel Phone Measurement Hardware Retrofit
MT8820C-143 CDMA2000 Time Offset CAL For GPS SG Retrofit (requires MT8820C-003 and MX882002C)
MT8820C-177 TD-SCDMA Measurement Retrofit (requires MT8820C-001)
MX882000C W-CDMA Measurement Software
MX882000C-001 W-CDMA Voice Codec (requires MT8820C-011 and MX882000C)
MX882000C-011 HSDPA Measurement Software
MX882000C-013 HSDPA High Data Rate (requires MT8820C-001, MX882000C, MX882000C-011, and MX882050C)
MX882000C-021 HSUPA Measurement Software
MX882000C-031 HSPA Evolution Measurement Software
MX882000C-032 DC-HSDPA Evolution Measurement Software
MX882001C GSM Measurement Software
MX882001C-001 GSM Voice Codec (requires MT8820C-011 and MX882001C)
MX882001C-002 GSM External Packet Data (requires MX882001C)
MX882001C-011 EGPRS Measurement Software
MX882001C-041 GSM High-speed Adjustment (requires MX882001C)
MX882002C CDMA2000 1X measurement software
MX882002C-001 CDMA2000 Voice Codec (requires MT8820C-011 and MX882002C)
MX882002C-002 CDMA2000 External Packet Data (requires MX882002C)
MX882005C PHS Measurement Software
MX882005C-011 ADVANCED PHS Measurement Software
MX882006C CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Measurement Software
MX882006C-002 1xEV-DO External Packet Data (requires MX882006C)
MX882006C-011 CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Rev.A measurement software
MX882006C-012 1xEV-DO MC-Rev. A Measurement Software (requires MX882006C, MX882006C-011)
MX882007C TD-SCDMA Measurement Software
MX882007C-001 TD-SCDMA Voice Codec (requires MT8820C-011 and MX882007C)
MX882007C-003 TD-SCDMA Video Phone Test (requires MX882007C)
MX882007C-011 TD-SCDMA HSDPA Measurement Software
MX882007C-021 TD-SCDMA HSUPA Measurement Software
MX882010C Parallel Phone Measurement Software
MX882012C LTE FDD Measurement Software
MX882012C-006 LTE FDD IP Data Transfer (requires MX882012C)
MX882012C-011 LTE FDD 22 MIMO DL, (requires MT8820C-012 and MX882012C)
MX882012C-016 LTE FDD CS Fallback to W-CDMA/GSM (requires MT882012C)
MX882012C-017 LTE FDD CS Fallback to CDMA2000 (requires MX882012C)
MX882013C LTE TDD Measurement Software
MX882013C-006 LTE TDD IP Data Transfer (requires MX882013C)
MX882013C-011 LTE TDD 22 MIMO DL, (requires MT8820C-012 and MX882013C)
MX882042C LTE FDD Measurement Software Lite
MX882043C LTE TDD Measurement Software Lite
MX882050C W-CDMA call connection software
MX882050C-002 W-CDMA External Packet Data (requires MX882050C)
MX882050C-003 W-CDMA Video Phone Test (requires MX882050C)
MX882050C-007 W-CDMA Band XII, XIII, XIV, XIX, XX, XXI (requires MX882050C)
MX882050C-008 W-CDMA Band XI (requires MX882050C)
MX882050C-009 W-CDMA Band IX (requires MX882050C)
MX882050C-011 HSDPA External Packet Data (requires MX882000C-011)
MX882051C W-CDMA call connection software
MX882051C-002 W-CDMA External Packet Data (requires MX882051C)
MX882051C-003 W-CDMA Video Phone Test (requires MX882051C)
MX882070C W-CDMA Ciphering Software
MX882071C W-CDMA Ciphering Software
  • 制造商: Anritsu
  • 模型: MT8820C