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Wandel Goltermann SPM-33A
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Selective Level Meters 50 Hz to 2 MHz

The SPM-32A, SPM-33A and SPM-36A Selective Level Meters are hand-held instruments for selective and wideband measurements on FDM transmission systems with up to 600 channels.
When combined with the PS-33A Level Generator (2 MHz), each of the instruments forms a test setup for measuring level, gain, attenuation and crosstalk. The test setup is the ideal tool for verifying the local loop performance of services such as ISDN, PCM and xDSL.

  • Straightforward operation with large digital display
  • Synthesizer for accurate, stable frequency settings
  • Balanced and unbalanced inputs with common standard impedances
  • Battery operation up to 8 hours
  • 制造商: Wandel Goltermann
  • 模型: SPM-33A