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Tabor Electronics WS8352
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WS 8352 350MHz Dual-Channel Arbitrary / Function Generator

The Tabor Wave Standard 8352 is a 350MHz dual channel generator with the functionality of a function, arbitrary, modulation and pulse/pattern generator, all in one easy to use, high performance, compact stand alone bench top, which enables engineers to test analog, digital and mixed signals devices with a single instrument.
  • Dual-channel Arbitrary / Pulse / Function Generator
  • Differential outputs configured as separate or synchronized
  • 350MHz sine and 250MHz square waves
  • 14-Bit, 2GS/s, 512Kpoint arbitrary waveforms
  • 4Vp-p into 50Ω (8Vp-p differential), double into open circuit
  • 10 built-in waveforms: sine, square, pulse, triangle, ramp (saw-tooth), sinc, gaussian, exponential , DC, repetitive or white noise
  • AM, FM, FSK, PSK and Sweep modulations
  • Continuous, triggered, gate and burst modes
  • Powerful pulse/pattern composer for analog, digital and mixed signals
  • User friendly 4 color LCD display
  • Remote control through LAN, USB and GPIB
  • Store/recall capability on disk-on-key or 1GB internal memory
  • Free ArbConnection software, IVI and MATLAB drivers
  • LXI Class C compliant
  • 制造商: Tabor Electronics
  • 模型: WS8352