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Leaptronix SU-6000
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SU-6000 is a newly-designed gang programmer for high-density NAND/NOR Flash memory. It provides the highest speed and stability. Furthermore, for the special application of NAND Flash, it provides Bad Block Skip programming, verifying, master reading and device analysis functions. In addition, the innovative adapter design which lets users change adaptors quickly and save the cost of consumptive materials for mass production. The transmission rate of SU-6000 is up to 480M bytes/minute and SU-6000 is able to support 4 sites NAND Flash Bad Block Skip programming, verifying and master reading at the same time. It is able to simplify the preparation and increase the work efficiency when mass production. With the outstanding characteristics, SU-6000 is undoubtedly suitable for engineers to overcome the next generation IC programming issue.
  • 制造商: Leaptronix
  • 模型: SU-6000