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Agilent B1505A
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Power Device Analyzer / Curve Tracer

The Agilent B1505A Power Device Analyzer / Curve Tracer is the only single box solution available today with the capability to characterize high power devices from the sub-picoamp level up to 3000 volts and 40 amps. These capability covers evaluation for new power device using wide band gap materials such as silicon carbide (SiC) or gallium nitride (GaN). The B1505A has separate modules that support high-current (HCSMU) and high-voltage (HVSMU). The B1505A also supports a high-power SMU (up to 1 A/200 V) and a multi-frequency capacitance measurement unit (up to 5 MHz). Its ten-slot modular construction lets you configure the B1505A exactly the way you want.

The B1505A software environment allows users to check device characteristics and detect device faults with the easy convenience of a curve tracer. Just like on a curve tracer, the B1505A supports rotary knob control of the independent sweep variable for intuitive and real-time evaluation of parameters such as breakdown voltage. The measurement setup information and data can be automatically stored to the B1505A's built-in hard disk drive and transferred to USB memory sticks as well as other portable storage devices. It is also easy to print graphical measurement data and to copy and paste it into reports when the analysis results are summarized.

A proper test fixture solution is extremely important, both to insure safety (due to the high voltages and currents used) and to support the wide variety of power device package types. A previous limitation of curve tracers was that some power devices could not be evaluated due to their size, or it was necessary to jury-rig an adapter in order to test the device. However, the B1505A's test fixture can accept a wide variety of devices, such as power MOSFETs, diodes and IGBTs, regardless of their size or shape via a large fixture adapter with customizable fixture modules. In addition, the test fixture's built-in interlock mechanism ensures that high voltages and currents can be applied to test devices safely.

Agilent can provide a conversion kit that allows existing B1500A users to convert their B1500A mainframe into a B1505A mainframe. This allows current B1500A users to expand the voltage and current measurement capabilities of their instrument without having to purchase a new instrument.

General features
  • 3000 V/40 A instrument with both curve tracer and analyzer capabilities
  • Flexible configuration with ten module slots for HPSMU, HVSMU, HCSMU and MFCMU modules
  • Safe and accurate measurement of power devices (both on-wafer and packaged). Optional high power test fixture supports a wide range of package types and available test adapter emulates Tektronix curve tracer outputs for legacy applications
  • Offline data analysis and application test development via Desktop EasyEXPERT software

  • 015 1.5m cable
  • 030 3.0m cable
  • 050 50Hz Line Frequency
  • 060 60Hz Line Frequency
  • A6J ANSI Z540 compliant calibration
  • UK6 Commercial cal. Certificate with test data
    • 制造商: Agilent
    • 模型: B1505A