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Hioki MR8847-03
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Memory Hi Corder w/ 512MW Memory

Multi-channel X-Y recorder with electronic data log. The MR8847 series most distinguishing characteristic is its significantly higher built-in memory capacity. The MR8847-02 and -03 deliver four and eight times the memory of previous models, respectively (while the MR8847-01 offers the same amount of memory as the previous model). More memory means the new models can better accommodate the needs of customers who wish to record measurements over an extended period of time.

The new series also features a waveform evaluation function with high-speed sampling (20 mega-samples per second), a convenient capability when testing products on production lines. An FFT analysis function for analyzing electric signals frequency components and an X-Y waveform evaluation function make it possible to perform signal analysis in the field.

  • Power equipment, power plants, and substations
    Circuit-tripping tests, equipment diagnostics, and troubleshooting
  • Rail and automotive
    Motor development and testing
  • Defect analysis and quality assurance
  • Service and maintenance of elevators and other equipment
    Sequence circuit maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Machine tools and production equipment
    Maintenance and troubleshooting
  • 制造商: Hioki
  • 模型: MR8847-03