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Kenwood PS6-133A
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Regulated DC power supply (6V/133A)


  • Four digits LED display

The high resolution display can indicate output voltage and current values and also power value. It is easy

to set voltage and current values by using digit key selecting a digit of the set values to be changed.

  • Three points preset memory function

Possible to preset three kinds of voltage and current values inside for easy reading of setting values.

  •  Enable to stop electric discharge of output terminals

This function is useful for not to discharge secondary cell, not to ungild plating and so on.

  • Off timer function

Possible to turn off output automatically after a lapse of preset time.

  • Controlling transient build-up current function

This function enable to control current at output on and prevents current overshoot.

  • Sequence function

Stand alone sequence operation is possible by loading maximum 1000 steps sequence program from PC

into the unit through optional IF-70GU or IF-70RS interface board.

  • Master slave operation

This function enable to operate plural same units in parallel up to 2400W (up to 800W for 6V series) and in

series for two units.

  • External analog control

The PS-A series can be controlled by external voltage or resistance for setting voltage and current values

and by external contact for turning on/off output and selecting preset memory.

  • Optional remote control interface boards

IF-70GU (GP-IB and USB), IF-70RS (RS-232C) and IF-70PS (compatible with PS series) are available.

  • Front output terminal

Front output terminal is available and it can be used up to 20A.

  • Remote sensing

Possible to eliminate influences of voltage drop between unit and load, which is caused by the contact

resistance or the load cable conductors.

  • Various protection functions

OVP, UVP and OCP for primary power circuit, OVP, OCP, OHP and remote sensing open circuit protect for

secondary power circuit, and variable OVP, variable UVP and variable OCP for output circuit are available.

  • 0.99 (TYP) power factor

  • AC power source

Conforms to world commercial input voltages (AC100V to AC240V) without setting change.

  • 制造商: TEXIO Kenwood
  • 模型: PS6-133A