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Shenzhen Tellid TLD1413
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Handheld Optical Multi Meter TLD1413: TLD 1400 series Handheld Optical Multi Meter are versatile power measurement devices which can be used for optical power module 0.63 ~ 1.65 ? m band in the optical power detection. It has mw, dB and dBm units, both for the direct measurement of optical power and also be used for relative measurement of optical link loss (optional power meter Model: 3C or 4C).. Light touch blocks available 635nm, 850nm, 1310nm, 1550nm wavelength of any laser output of a single or 850/1310, 1310/1550 any one pair of laser output wavelength. The instrument can be used for optical power measurements, but also to provide high-stability light source (such as matching 635nm red light source, can be used for optical fiber fault detection) This dynamic range makes TLD 1413 powerful enough to optic fiber CATV systems, optic fiber communications networks deployment and test
  • 制造商: Shenzhen Tellid
  • 模型: TLD1413