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Shenzhen Tellid TLD1710
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TLD1710 Series Digital TV Field Strength Meter for testing installation of television and cable television needs of cable TV technology is designed specifically for high-performance measurement instruments. The instrument uses all-digital display, reading clearly and accurately, and because of the introduction of the microprocessor, so that more powerful, more accurate, more flexible and convenient operation. LCD character display, can easily measure the CATV system's main technical indicators, with a single channel, dual channel, set difference measurement, signal to noise ratio measurement function.


single channel level measurement

analog channel level measurement, digital channel digital average power measurements

video carrier and audio carrier level measurements

Level measurement of the frequency u

no corresponding frequency channel level measurement

Trunk Voltage Measurement

slope measurement (dual-channel measurement)

video and audio than the (V / A) measurements

video and audio carrier level difference between the carrier level

carrier to noise ratio (C / N) measured

TFT color display
  • 制造商: Shenzhen Tellid
  • 模型: TLD1710