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Shenzhen Tellid TLD1720
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TLD 1720 Signal level meter is mainly to construct and maintenance of the analog and digital television network, which can be easily to analyze the network fault and guarantee the common operation of network with the quick average power . It is more easily applicable to the digital, analog mixed-net network.TLD1720 can measure C/N,Trunk line Voltage, V/A, The equipment also can measure the average of DVB-C digital signal,MER,BER,especially appliance to the measurement and setting for the fixed-network of analog and digital TV. Function: Accurate performance analysis of QAM---average power, MER, BER Supporting a variety of DVB mode: 16QAM,32QAM,64QAM,128QAM,256QAM Wide bit rate setting: 1MS/S7MS/S Competitive analog television measurement-- signal level, V/A, C/N, Gradient and so on Fast charge, super-long continuous working time can fit the requirement of all measurement
  • 制造商: Shenzhen Tellid
  • 模型: TLD1720