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Qingdao E Jiaxun Optical AV6413 37/35db
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AV6418 OTDR is a high performance measuring instrument with multifunction designed for FTTx network testing. It is an updation of AV6413 and AV6416 series optical time domain reflectometer, which is mainly used for measure the physical characteristics of optical fiber under test like length, transmission loss and splice loss etc. It can also locate the faults or breaks of optical fiber. The AV6418 optical time domain reflectometer is widely applied in the manufacture, construction and maintenance in optical fiber communication system.

AV6418 OTDR Main Features:
Handheld, lightweight and convenience for carrying
up to 45dB high dynamic range
?1m ultrashort event dead zone
0.05m high distance resolution, 128k sampling points
Fast auto measurement, one-button operating
Test up to 4 wavelengths in a single unit
Automatic communication light checking
Remote function via Ethernet
Double USB interfaces, supporting USB disk, printer and direct cable download to PC via ActiveSync
Supporting Bellcore GR196 file format
Built-in lithium battery with high capacity, over 8 hours operating lifetime
Visual fault locator (VFL) and optical power meter
Universal FC/FC, FC/SC, FC/ST connector type, convenient for surface cleaning
Unique function of online software upgrading

Ultrashort event dead zone
High resolution with 1m untrashort event dead zone, suitable for testing short optical fiber & optical pigtail.

High speed auto analysis
The AV6418 OTDR can detect and locate the events and faults in trace quickly and precisely, then lists all events in a event table, which is very useful for maintainers to improve efficiency and it's unnecessary to know much about the relative knowledge.
High speed auto measurement
The function of auto measurement of AV6418 OTDR makes it unnecessary for operator to know about the further details of operating. The operation becomes very simple: after connect the fiber, what you need is just press?Start?, then the trace result is displayed and all events are listed on screen in a few seconds.

Unique PON testing function
AV6418 OTDR is ideal for fiber access and FTTH network testing, it enable you to test through 1x32 even 1x64 splitters for PON( passive optical network) testing.

AV6418 offers an exceptional 1m event dead zone and 0.05m high distance resolution, with which you can characterize all events between the transmitter and the central office's fiber distribution patch panel.

Convenient VFL function
The built-in 650nm visual fault locator (VFL) is ideal for identifying bad splice, bad connector, break or macro bend easily. The standard VFL with more than 2mW output power is factory installed in Bluendless.coms AV6418 OTDR, the operation distance is in excess of 5 kilometers.

Communication Light Check
When measuring a fiber optic link in service, the measuring result by an OTDR will be not precise, and there is a potential risk of permanent damage to the internal photoelectric receiver of OTDR. To prevent these problems, the AV6418 OTDR can automatically and silently detect the communication light when the fiber is connected to the optical port, once the light is verified present, simultaneously, a warning message will be displayed and internal OTDR protection will be active instantly.

Multiple Wavelengths and Models
AV6418 OTDR can provide any of single mode or multimode or both, designed to test FUT at up to four wavelengths in a single unit, such as 850, 1300, 1310, 1383, 1490, 1550, 1625 and 1650nm wavelengths, with which AV6418 can be used widely from long range to FTTx, CATV, LAN, Access and Metro networks.

Abundant external interface
AV6418 optical time domain reflectometer has abundant external interface, supporting USB, Min-USB, Ethernet, earphone and SD card, which can provide the following functions:
Training via multimedia for operators, which can enable you become a measuring expert quickly.
Implementing remote controlling via Ethernet, troubleshooting from long distance for fiber under test.
Printing trace and event table
Updating application software online

Typical application:

AV6418 OTDR is mainly used to measure FTTx network, it provides multi-functions in one unit. AV6418 offers three measuring modes:

Manual Mode (including Real Time Mode and Average Mode)
Manual mode is suitable for skilled operator who is familiar with the instrument. In this measurement mode, to get more accurate results, real-time mode or average mode can be selected if necessary.

In real-time mode, the dynamic changes of fiber chain can be detected timely, it is very useful when you need to observe the effect and process of fiber being spliced or connected.

In average mode, the noise in trace can be suppressed, and the SNR(signal noise ratio) is improved, therefore,the result is more accurate. In fact, the more average times is executed, the more noise in trace is suppressed, and the longer time is spent for signal processing. In practice, the average times should be set properly according to necessity.

Auto Mode
In auto measurement mode: the optimized measurement conditions are set automatically, it's unnecessary to operator to know about the complicated background knowledge and the further details of operating. In this mode, the more accurate results can be gained when proper average times are set, but it will increase the time of signal processing.

Dead Zone Mode.
Dead zone mode is suitable for testing optical fiber with short distance and the optimized settings of distance range, pulse width and attenuator can be executed automatically. To get the best result, the terminal return loss should be guaranteed less than -40dB.
  • 制造商: Qingdao E Jiaxun Optical
  • 模型: AV6413 37/35db