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PC-Based RF Analyzer System 9KHz - 1.8GHz

The Invisible Waves X generation is more than a RF Spectrum Analyzer; it's your mobile RF Command Center. This new, ground-breaking RF tool, encompasses a whole arsenal of "World First" RF analysis, controlling and monitoring features:
  • RF Coordinator to identify usable open RF space
  • UFO Alert (Unidentified Frequency Objects) to warn of rogue interference
  • Click to Listen to listen in to all RF signals
  • RF Level Alert to warn when any cataloged signals fall below assigned thresholds
  • RF Congestion Scale to gauge the severity of local RF

Invisible Wave systems are packaged in a pre-configured, laptop sized high-impact carrying case which includes: analyzer electronics with 50 Ohm SMA input, AC adapter/charger (battery optional), a broadband 450MHz -900MHz UHF antenna, USB cable, Mini audio-out plug (for CTL), PC software & documentation on a Flash Drive.

*IWx Pro Bundles include everything in the standard IWx models plus the optional Battery Pack, Directional/Ampified Antenna and related adapters.
  • 制造商: Kaltman Creations
  • 模型: IWxLIVE