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Kingfisher KI3600-GE-MP
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The KI3600-GE-MP is part of the KI 3600 Optical Power Meter Series. The KI 3600 Optical Power Meter measures the absolute, relative light level and test tones in multimode and singlemode optical communication systems. High accuracy and simplicity of use make it ideal for fi eld and laboratory use. Autotest provides automatic multiple ? (wavelength) testing when used with an Autotest compatible light source, for easier, faster and more confi dent testing. Operational savings result from the 3 year re-calibration cycle, 1,200 hour battery life, and no range changing delays.
  • Autotest compatibility with other instruments
  • Interchangeable connectors
  • Simple to use
  • 1,200 hr battery life
  • Test Tone Detection
  • Max / Min recording
  • Compact, rugged & light weight

    KI3600-GE-MP Ge Power Meter
      • 制造商: Kingfisher
      • 模型: KI3600-GE-MP