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Tektronix MTM300
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MPEG Multistream Transport Monitor

The Tektronix MTM300 family of MPEG Transport Stream Monitors - the MTM300 and the MTM301 - are high-performance MPEG protocol monitoring tools giving you innovative solutions to meet the challenges of monitoring quality and reliability, diagnosing problems and characterizing operations in systems broadcasting or distributing MPEG-2 transport streams. The MTM300 products offer powerful acquisition and computational capabilities for monitoring and analyzing transport streams formatted according to MPEG, DVB, ATSC or ISDB standards. These flexible and expandable capabilities include simultaneous 24x7 monitoring of up to four (4) transport streams on the MTM300 and up to eight (8) transport streams on the MTM301. Other capabilities include extensive data rate analysis, and Tektronix-exclusive timing analysis to help you diagnose the most challenging transmission problems and characterize bandwidth usage and system performance.

Features And Benefits:
  • Simultaneous Monitoring and Compliance Testing of Up to Eight MPEG, DVB, ATSC or ISDB Transport Streams for a 24x7 Perspective of Your Network's Health
  • Status and Error Logging for Capturing Intermittent Problems or Creating Quality Records
  • Dolby Digital AC-3 and AAC Stream Monitoring to Support Advanced Audio Implementations
  • Tektronix-exclusive PCR Overall Jitter, Drift and Offset Measurements Allow You to Diagnose the Most Challenging Real-time Performance Problems and Fully Characterize MPEG-2 Transmission
  • ASI/M2S and SMPTE310M Interfaces Available to Support a Variety of Network Configurations
  • Flexible, Intuitive Displays of Data Rates and Program Allocations Help You Optimize Bandwidth Usage and Identify Bandwidth Available for Opportunistic Data
  • Fully Selectable Monitoring Depth, Fault Criteria and Error Reporting and Alarms Let You Customize Monitoring to Your Specific Needs
  • Triggered Stream Capture on Errors or Critical Events to Help Diagnose and Isolate Elusive Problems
  • Optional Network Monitoring Software Allows to Access, Control and Configure Monitoring Devices Throughout Your System from a Central Location
  • Multi-level Views Present Appropriate Levels of Detail to Network Operators, Engineers and Management Personnel
  • Modular Architecture Lets You Purchase the Performance You Need Today. You Can Easily Upgrade in the Future as Your Requirements Change
  • Rackmount Configuration Kit Included
  • Seamless Integration into SNMP Networks with MIB Based on SNMP Research Technology

Opt. AS = ASI/M2S Interface
Opt. SS = SMPTE310 (SSI) Interface
Opt. LC = LCD Display, touchscreen and keypad
Opt. VK = External VGA monitor, keyboard and mouse
  • 制造商: Tektronix
  • 模型: MTM300