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Fluke 1TS2PRO
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Onetouch Series II 10/100 PRO

Fluke Networks 1TS2PRO-I/AN OneTouch Series II ITO LAN Analyzer Field Troubleshooting Kit

* Verifies connectivity
* Maps devices to individual switch ports
* Pinpoints duplicate IP addresses
* Remote monitoring and control via a web browser
* Identifies
o Cable length
o Opens
o Crossed wires and split pairs
* Identifies unused network connections
* Network Advice feature interprets and displays
o Collisions
o Errors
o Broadcasts
o Top protocols
o Top senders
o Discovered stations
* Test IP Performance Across Backbones, WANs and VPNs
* Results include
o IP throughput in bps
o Number of frames received
o Number of frames lost
* Customize test parameters and results
  • 制造商: Fluke
  • 模型: 1TS2PRO