Battery Testers : Eagle Eye ULTRA-EVIC 1000 C KIT


Eagle Eye ULTRA-EVIC 1000 C KIT
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IBEX-Evic, SG-1000 & Evicom Software Testing Kit

SG-1000 Digital Hydrometer / Specific Gravity Tester is specifically designed to quickly & safely measure the temperature- compensated specific gravity of your batteries. To measure, simply extract a sample in your suction tube and press the "START" button, its that easy! The temperature compensated specific gravity is displayed on the screen. The user can select between the specific gravity reading and temperature reading by pressing "SELECT" button.

IBEX-evic (Transportation)
Equipped with Cold Cranking Amperes functions which can measure battery performance in an extreme environment, IBEX-evic provides easy validation of 12V vehicle batteries to ensure safe vehicle management. In addition, it is available to manage Li-ion batteries.
  • 制造商: Eagle Eye
  • 模型: ULTRA-EVIC 1000 C KIT