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Array Electronic 3711A
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0-30A, 0-300W Programmable DC Electronic Load

Array 3700 series electronic load is a single input programmable DC electronic load. It provides a convenient way to test batteries and DC power supplies. It offers constant current mode, constant resistance mode and constant power mode.
The backlight LCD, numerical keypad and rotary knob make it much easier to use. Up to 10 steps program can be stored. Controlled by PC is also available. It is an essential instrument for design, test and manufacture of many suitable products.

    Array 3710A, 150 W, 30 A
    Array 3711A, 300 W, 30 A

  • LCD display with backlight
  • High resolution measurement
  • CC/CP/CR mode
  • Number keypad and rotary knob
  • Multifunction menu
  • Over voltage / over current / over power / over temperature / polarity reversion protection
  • 10 steps program
  • Can be controlled by PC
  • Can be connected in parallel
  • 制造商: Array Electronic
  • 模型: 3711A