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Fitel S178A Fusion Splicer Kit
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Hand-Held Core-Alignment Fusion Splicer

The S178 is equipped with newly developed optical alignment system that can cut the entire splicing time by 20%. It also incorporates an improved heating mechanism which shortens the protection sleeve shrinking time by more than 30%. The new battery system can provide splicing cycle (splicing/heating) up to 200 without additional attached battery unit. The rubber protection corners and metal body frame make this unit very rugged robust and strong. Finally the size of this new unit is much smaller compared to its previous models and weight is also significantly reduced.

The S178 ushers in a whole new range of applications for core alignment splicing it delivers better precision accuracy and automated functionality with speed portability convenience and robustness. It becomes your versatile best choice for FTTx LAN backbone long-haul installation data-center or OEM applications. It can be used in conventional telecommunication industry as well as enterprise and other industries such as oil & gas.

The strong body and new canopy design of S178 makes it available to be used in any kind of environment without compromising the performance. The innovative mirror free alignment system makes maintenance work much easier. And newly incorporated USB 2.0 communication interface makes the machine communicate with PC and transfer data and video image much faster and more reliable.
  • 制造商: Fitel
  • 模型: S178A Fusion Splicer Kit