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General Dynamics R8000B
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The R8000B Communications System Analyzer provides the bench-top functionality of more than 16 communication test instruments combined into one compact, lightweight, unit. Designed for portability, the 14-pound analyzer can be set-up for remote operations, communicating and controlling the analyzer through an onboard, standard Ethernet port.

The R8000B now features the best spectral purity available in a radio test set with residual FM and Phase Noise specifications comparable to those found in expensive stand-alone instruments.

  • Test instruments functions include:
    • High performance analyzer with markers
    • Signal and audio generators
    • Sensitive measurement receiver
    • Eight instrument meters
    • Scopes, counters and more
  • Operation up to 3GHz depending on your configuration
  • Spectrum analyzer noise floor of less than -120dBm
  • "Super-bright" 8.4-inch LCD display for easy daylight viewing

Options at additional cost:

R8-Remote Remote control software
R8-TG Tracking Generator
R8-ESA Enhanced Spectrum Analyzer
R8-CF Cable Fault Locator
R8-SC Soft Carrying Case
R8-3G 3ghz operation
R8-P25 APCO p25 conventional
R8-P25TRNK APCO p25 trunking (requires R8-P25)
R8-P25_II APCO Project 25 Phase 2
R8-DMR DMR test option
R8-NXDN NXDN test option
R8-NXDNTYPC NXDN Type C Trunking (requires R8-NXDN)
R8-TETRA Tetra subscriber test option
R8-AT_TRBO AutoTune for MOTOTRBO Mobiles and Portables
R8-AT_XTL Auto Tune for XTL series mobiles
R8-AT_XTS Auto Tune for XTS 2500/5000 portables
R8-AT_APX AutoTune for APX Series Radios
R8-AT_KWNX AutoTune for Kenwood NX Series Mobiles and Portables
202951-01 Breakout Box for Kenwood AutoTune Audio Tests
202161-01 Breakout box for XTL audio test
R8-VSWR Antenna bridge kit
202907-01 Battery Kit, Li-ION, (includes R8-HC for integrated use)
R8-FT7 Drive Test Software Package (STI Field Test 7)
R8-TC Transit case w foam molding
R8-TSC Transit case w foam molding for soft case
R8-HC Protective glove case w/ LCD protection
BAT110 High Power Annenuator for XTL/APX AutoTune
R8-CF-HW Cable Fault Hardware Only
0180302E82 Isolation Tnsfmr for Baseband Output
0180302E83 Isolation Tnsfmr for Meter Input
  • 制造商: General Dynamics
  • 模型: R8000B