DC Sources Power Supplies : Kikusui PMP25-2TR with RS-232C


Kikusui PMP25-2TR with RS-232C
放大图片Kikusui PMP25-2TR with RS-232C

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The small-size PMP Series is a DC power supply that supports simple functions and provides constant multi-output voltage (CV) and current (CC). The past multi-output power supply can provide only two types of concurrently variable output. The PMP Series, however, implements "Multi-channel Tracking" that allows all types of output to be varied concurrently. It also supports a "Delay Function" that can change output on/off timing, and a "Memory Function" that can store output settings. Moreover, the PMP Series is equipped with an external contact that enables control over turning on and off output, and over calling the memory. All the types of output this product provides have positive polarity
  • , which allows the product to be used as a power supply for developing digital equipment and other devices not requiring a negative power supply circuit. Furthermore, this product, which supports two common systems, is well adapted to an application for one power supply unit to offer digital and analog signals that have different common potentials.
    • 制造商: Kikusui
    • 模型: PMP25-2TR with RS-232C