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Hioki FT6381
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The Hioki FT6381 Clamp On Earth Tester features Bluetooth wireless technology.

This product was developed specifically to meet the needs of customers in North America, Europe, and Asia, where there is high demand for multiple grounding measurements.

Thanks to the small size of the clamp sensor, the FT6381 delivers a new level of convenience especially when used in confined locations. At the same time, we have increased the size of the grip used to open the sensor, allowing the new meters to be operated with only half the force required for similar products offered by other companies. Finally, the FT6381s incorporation of Bluetooth wireless technology allows it to be linked to Android handsets for report creation.

Advanced Features:
  • Compact clamp-on sensor for ultimate convenience in confined locations
  • To date, grounding resistance testers from other manufacturers have been characterized by their heavy weight and large jaws, which complicate use of the instruments due to the difficulty of attaching them to ground wires. Responding to resulting demand for more compact sensors, HIOKI engineered a low-profile sensor just 20 mm wide for both instruments so that they can be used to measure ground wires that have been installed in cramped spaces. The sensor is 50 percent smaller by volume than sensors on existing competing products.
  • Larger sensor grip for improved workability
  • HIOKI has enlarged the clamp sensor's grip so that it can be opened with just two fingers, enabling it to be operated with only half the force of existing competing products.
  • Low power consumption for extended use
  • The FT6381 use approximately half the power of competing products, maximizing work efficiency because they can be continuously used for longer periods of time.
  • Bluetooth wireless technology for connectivity with Android handsets (FT6381)
  • The FT6381 features Bluetooth wireless technology, allowing users to display data in real time on Android handsets and instantaneously create reports in the field including measured values, times and dates, and position data. This technology can be used to e-mail measurement results to an administrator in a remote office in real time.
  • Onboard storage for 2,000 data points
  • The FT6381 can store 2,000 data points (each including a grounding resistance value and a current value) in the field.
      • 制造商: Hioki
      • 模型: FT6381