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Fluke 9140-B-156
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Mid-Range Field Calibrator may be used as a portable instrument or bench top temperature calibrator for calibrating thermocouple and RTD temperature probes. The 9140 is small enough to use in the field, and accurate enough to use in the lab.

The instrument features:
  • Rapid heating and cooling
  • Interchangeable multiple hole aluminum probe sleeves
  • Convenient hand strap
  • RS-232 interface capability

Built in programmable features include:
  • Temperature scan rate control
  • Temperature switch hold
  • Eight Setpoint memory
  • Adjustable readout in *C or *F
The temperature is accurately controlled by Hart's hybrid analog/digital controller. The controller uses a precision platinum RTD as a sensor and controls the well temperature with a solid state relay (triac) driven heater.

The LED front panel continuously shows the current well temperature. The temperature may be easily set with the control buttons to any desired temperature within the specified range. The instrument's multiple fault protection devices insure user and instrument safety and protection.

The 9140 dry-well calibrator was designed for portability, low cost, and ease of operation. Through proper use the instrument will provide continued accurate calibration of temperature sensors and devices. The user should be familiar with the safety guidelines and operating procedures of the calibrator as described in the instruction manual.

Insert B (9140)
Wells: 2 at 3/16" (4.8 mm), 2 at 1/4" (6.35 mm), and 2 at 3/8" (9.5 mm)
  • 制造商: Fluke
  • 模型: 9140-B-156