General Calibrators : Fluke 9172-E-R-156


Fluke 9172-E-R-156
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Dry-wells are typically calibrated by inserting a calibrated PRT into one of the wells and making adjustments to the calibrators internal control sensor based on the readings from the PRT. This has limited value because the unique characteristics of the reference PRT, which essentially become "calibrated into" the calibrator, are often quite different from the thermometers tested by the calibrator. This is complicated by the presence of significant thermal gradients in the block and inadequate sensor immersion into blocks that are simply too short.
  • Best-performing industrial heat sources (accuracy, stability, uniformity) in the world
  • Immersion depth to 203 mm (8 in)
  • Optional ITS-90 reference input reads PRTs to +/- 0.006 *C
  • Temperature range from -45 *C to 700 *C

9172-INSE: Insert "E" 9172, Brass, Misc Metric Holes, w/0.25-inch Ref Hole
  • 制造商: Fluke
  • 模型: 9172-E-R-156