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Fluke 9009-B-156
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Hart's new 9009 Industrial Dual-Block Calibrator lets you calibrate temperature probes from -15 *C to 350 *C. Each temperature well is independently controlled, so while you're checking your transmitter sensor at one temperature, the other block can be heating or cooling to your next set-point. Everything you need to calibrate thermometers is self-contained in a rugged, watertight case including four removable inserts, power cord, and removal tool. It's portable, covers a wide range, and - best of all - it's made by Hart Scientific, the world leader in temperature calibration.

  • Temperatures from -15 *C to 350 *C in one unit
  • Two wells in each block for simultaneous comparison calibrations
  • Rugged, lightweight, water-resistant enclosure
  • Controlled by precision Hart Scientific temperature controller
  • 制造商: Fluke
  • 模型: 9009-B-156