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Fluke 9103-D-156
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The 9103 covers below-ambient temperatures as low as -25 *C. The 9103 is stable to +/-0.02 *C, and its display is calibrated to an accuracy of +/-0.25 *C at all temperatures within its range. In just eight minutes, 0 degrees C is reached, and 100 degrees C is reached in six minutes, so your time is spent calibrating - not waiting.

The 9103 reaches temperatures 50 *C below ambient, so -25 *C is reached under normal ambient conditions. Our competitors like to advertise their units as reaching -45 *C when they really mean -45 *C below ambient, which typically means it will go to -20 *C. Our unit does not require you to work in a walk-in freezer to achieve its full advertised range.

Choose one of three removable inserts sized for probes from 1/16 inch to 1/2 inch in diameter. Insert A handles a full range of probe sizes with a single well of each size. Insert B features two wells each of 3/8, 1/4, and 3/16 inches in diameter for doing comparison calibrations. Insert C has six 1/4-inch-diameter wells for multiple probe calibrations, and Insert D has three pairs of metric sized well

  • 制造商: Fluke
  • 模型: 9103-D-156