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Vonaq EC900-KIT
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EasyCheck 900 LAN & Cable Tester Kit

The Easycheck 900 is an innovative LAN and cable tester is the perfect tool to assist you with your LAN and wiring endeavours. Kit form gives you everything you need in an easy carry case

Using this tool you will rapidly identify continuity problems such as shorts, open wires, reversed pairs, crossed pairs and miswiring. Resolving LAN problems is simple using the easy to use PING, DHCP and Net Scan tests. The unit is ideal for small to medium sized network installations and a must for anybody considering going into HD / IP CCTV systems.

EC900 KIT Includes:
1 x EasyCheck 900 Base
1 x Remote Responder
7 x Additional Remote Responders
1 x Tone Tracer
1 x 9V Battery
1 x Quick Start Guide
1 x CD User Guide
2 x RJ45 - RJ45 Leads
2 x RJ45 - Crocodile Leads
2 x RJ11 - RJ11 Leads
1 x Black Soft Carry Case
  • 制造商: Vonaq
  • 模型: EC900-KIT