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Vonaq QuickTest 500 ADSL2+ Tester
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QuickTest 500 ADSL2+ Tester

  • Rapid Testing. The QuickTest 500 ADSL2+ Tester's automatic Service Verification Test Suite starts as soon as you switch on (results are typically obtained in less than 3 minutes)
  • Simple to use. Virtually no product training required with QuickTest 500 ADSL Tester
  • Configurable Pass / Fail Indicators on the LCD display and clearly presented in multi-colour LEDs on the front panel
  • No need to get a laptop out
  • Save and name up to 16 test results at any one time
  • Line Voltage LED indicates poor, missing or excessive Line Voltage
  • ADSL/2/2+ Test LEDs to indicate if ADSL Showtime achieved
  • In Service LED indicates problems with PPP or IP layer
  • LEDs to indicate problems with the Trained Line Rate, poor Noise Margin or excessive Line Attenuation

    • QuickTest 500 Includes:
      1 x QuickTest 500 ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ Handheld Tester
      1 x US Mains Power Supply
      1 x US Battery Charger inc. 4 x High-Capacity Rechargable Batteries & 12V Adaptor
      1 x CD User Guide
      1 x ADSL Cable
      1 x Ethernet Cable
      1 x Black Soft Carry Bag
      • 制造商: Vonaq
      • 模型: QuickTest 500 ADSL2+ Tester