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Vonaq RapidTrace 1100
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Vonaq RT1100 TDR Cable Fault Locator 3.5km range

Key Benefits :
  • This TDR / Cable Fault Locator is suitable for testing all Communication CAT (3-6) , Power Cabling , coaxial and mains power cabling
  • The RapidTrace 1100 TDR / Cable Fault Locator has a 11 measurement ranges from 0.5m to 3500m (3.5km) and is accurate to 1%
  • The TDR / Cable Fault Locator has 25, 50, 75 & 100ohm Selectable Cable Impedances
  • Using pre determined gain and pulse width on the TDR / Cable Fault Locator, all major operating and setting parameters can be easily accessed
  • The RapidTrace TDR / Cable Fault Locator has a built in Tone Generator for Pair Tracing/Identification
  • The LCD of the TDR / Cable Fault Locator has an ultra bright electroluminescent backlight to ensure good readability in all lighting conditions
  • Advanced signal processing techniques enable the RapidTrace TDR / Cable Fault Locator to find opens, short circuits, splices, taps, water ingress and other more elusive impedance mismatches.
  • The TDR / Cable Fault Locator's built in oscillator (tone generator) also provides a tone for pair tracing and identification.
  • Selectable cable impedance matching, along with variable velocity factor, enable the RapidTrace TDR / Cable Fault Locator to be used to test all metallic cables with graphical results and fault distances displayed on a 64 x 128 dot matrix LCD.

RapidTrace 1100 Includes:
1 x RapidTrace 1100 Base Unit
1 x Coaxial to Croc clips lead
1 x User Guide CD
4 x AA Batteries
1 x Weatherproof carry/usable bag
  • 制造商: Vonaq
  • 模型: RapidTrace 1100