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Agilent J6801B-J6810B-J6828A
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Protocol Analysis Interface

The J6801B Distributed Network Analyzer (DNA) covers a wide range of protocol analysis needs. It's flexible architecture enables the hardware to be used with a series of software applications giving the ability to use same platform for multiple applications. The DNA provides data acquisition for the Agilent Signaling Analyzer software, Agilent Network Analyzer software and Agilent Triple Play Analyzer software. The DNA achieves its small form factor by excluding an integrated PC. You can control a DNA locally or remotely from a separate PC and add one or more DNAs to the configuration to create a multi-port system. Like the DNA MX and DNA PRO, the DNA accommodates a hot-swappable Line Interface Module (LIM).

Line Interface Module for use with J680X Series

The dual-rate LIM handles ATM, Packet over SONET/SDH and Frame Relay at 622 Mbps and 155 Mbps, and performs ATM and WAN analysis on lower-rate submultiplexes/tributaries down to fractional E1/DS1 rates. When analyzing ATM at any supported rate, real-time AAL-2 and AAL-5 reassembly is performed simultaneously on up to 5120 virtual channels and the resulting frames are passed from the LIM to the acquisition system for further analysis. Cell mode is also available. ATM Policing can be performed on up to 1024 virtual circuits in frame mode or cell mode simultaneously with other measurements.

The functionality of this LIM can be enhanced with the addition of the J6828A Dual 4-Port STM-1/OC-3 External LIM.
  • 制造商: Agilent
  • 模型: J6801B-J6810B-J6828A