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Kingsine K6063i
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System Introduction
  • Use modularization switch power and self-RD hi-fi digital amplifier, with capacity efficient more than 85%, high output power, low weight and small heating value, to make sure for long time and reliable 10Aoutput. Strong ability for overloading for reliable quality hardware.
  • Internal high-capacity SSD solid state disk, to make sure the normal running in the status of high speed moving or even tilting, so that the data will not lose when collision and shock.
  • Internal dual core CPU industrial PC, 9.7 inch large LED display screen, 1024768 resolution, embedded Windows XPE system, to provide friendly interface for use for the onsite calibration at smart substations.

Functions Characteristic

1. 13 pcs of channels simultaneous output, that is to output 7 phase voltage and 6 phase current with different amplitude, frequency, phase;
2. With wave form distortion test function, judgment of wrong wiring alarm, self-locking, housing grounding alarm.
3. Provide convenient and prompt all software calibration for amplitude and phase, no need to open the housing to calibrate the output precision;
4. 0~300V/0 .6A remote aux. DC power output;
5. To test by manual or automatic mode for various types of voltage, current, frequency, power, impedance, harmonic, differential, simultaneous relays, and can simulate various types of failure to perform the experiment of distance, zero sequence and reclose test. With GPS trigger function, to perform the test of reserve supply, prompt switch, etc.
6. Internal GPS function;
7. Optional function for standard meter, transducer, energy meter, etc.

  • 制造商: Kingsine
  • 模型: K6063i