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Rohde Schwarz SMIQ Series
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Vector Signal Generator Series:
R&S SMIQ02B 300 kHz to 2.2 GHz P/N 1125.5555.02
R&S SMIQ03B 300 kHz to 3.3 GHz P/N 1125.5555.03
R&S SMIQ04B 300 kHz to 4.4 GHz P/N 1125.5555.04
R&S SMIQ06B 300 kHz to 6.4 GHz P/N 1125.5555.06

The B series of Signal Generator Family R&S SMIQ for analog and digital modulation from Rohde & Schwarz offers solutions for today and tomorrow. In particular, this series takes into account future developments in the field of 3rd-generation digital mobile radio.

The R&SSMIQ family comprises four models that differ in their upper frequency limits. These models feature a hitherto unrivalled versatility regarding signal generation and signal quality and are therefore ideal for use in development and type-approval testing. With their outstanding price/performance ratio, these signal generators are also economically attractive for applications in production. The wide frequency range from 300 kHz to 6.4 GHz covers all major radio bands including the IF ranges.

The high-grade I/Q modulator fitted as standard ensures minimum error vector magnitude and high intermodulation suppression.

Using modern digital signal processor (DSP) technology, the versatile concept allows the generation of high-precision digital modulation signals at high bit rates without any limitations on modulation modes or standards. In addition to digital modulation, the signal generators provide the full range of analog modulation modes as well as simultaneous modulation capability.

RF Characteristics:
Wide output frequency range from 300 kHz to 6.4 GHz
High (up to 16 dBm) and precise output level (<0.5 dB)
Fast setting time for frequency (<3 ms) and level (<2.5 ms) (Without switching the mechanical attenuators)
Frequency hopping (500 s)
High spectral purity (typ. -130 dBc (1 Hz) at 1 GHz and 20 kHz carrier offset)
RF, AF and level sweep (user-programmable)

SM-B1 = Reference Oscillator OCXO P/N 1036.7599.02
SM-B5 = FM/oM Modulator P/N 1036.8489.02
SMIQ-B11 = Data Generator P/N 1085.4502.04
SMIQ-B12 = Memory Extension, 32 Mbit P/N 1085.2800.04
SMIQ-B14 = Fading Simulator, 6 paths P/N 1085.4002.02
SMIQ-B15 = Second Fading Simulator for 12 paths or 2 channels P/N 1085.4402.02
SMIQ-B17 = Noise Generator and Distortion Simulator P/N 1104.9000.02
SMIQ-B19 = RF and AF Rear Connectors P/N 1085.2997.02
SMIQ-B20 = Modulation Coder P/N 1125.5190.02
SMIQ-B21 = BER Measurement P/N 1125.5490.02
SMIQ-B42 = Digital Standard IS-95 CDMA P/N 1104.7936.02
SMIQ-B43 = Digital Standard WCDMA to NTT DoCoMo 1.0, ARIB 0.0 standard P/N 1104.8032.02
SMIQ-B45 = Digital Standard WCDMA to 3GPP (FDD) P/N 1104.8232.02
SMIQ-B47 = Low ACP for IS-95 CDMA and W-CDMA P/N 1125.5090.02
SMIQ-B48 = Extended Functions for WCDMA (3GPP) 1105.0587.02
SMIQ-B49 = Extended Fading Functions for WCDMA (3GPP) 1105.1083.02
SMIQ-B60 = Arbitrary Waveform Generator incl. R&S WinIQSIM P/N 1136.4390.02
SMIQ-K8 = TETRA T1 Simulator P/N 1136.4290.02
SMIQ-K11 = Digital Standard IS-95 CDMA (for option R&S SMIQB60) 1105.0287.02
SMIQ-K12 = Digital Standard cdma2000 (for option R&S SMIQB60) 1105.0435.02
SMIQ-K13 = Digital Standard WCDMA TDD Mode (3GPP) (for option R&S SMIQB60) P/N 1105.1231.02
  • 制造商: Rohde Schwarz
  • 模型: SMIQ Series