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Leaptronix LPP-3030T
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LPP-3030T provides a higher stability in terms of traditional Programmable DC Power Supply. LPP-3030T, linear programmable DC Power Supply Series support USB PC-Link and two completely separate power outputs. With the various characteristics, LPP-3030T is the best choice of power supplies for engineers.

With the functions of the power supply of LPP-3030T, it provides two completely separate power output which is able for series or parallel connection; other than the common power supplies on the market of positive/ground/negative output. In addition, LPP-3030T supports low-voltage digital circuits, also it is able to switch voltage among 1.8V~5.0V. With its characteristics of stability and high-speed twinkling reaction, LPP-3030T provides high quality at a very economical price.

  • Provide two completely separate power outputs. Users can obtain higher voltage, current, and positive & negative voltage applications by using series or parallel connection.
  • Support low-voltage digital circuits: Provides fixed power output also it is able to switch voltage among 1.8V~5.0V.
  • OVP (Over voltage protection)/OCP (Over current protection) functions: For each programmable output, users can set desired protective voltage or current value.
  • V.Set Limit function:Sets the limit of the maximum voltage.
  • When keypad is loked, user can not change the setting of voltage and current. The LPP will be locked even if user restarts the LPP.
  • Supply high resolution of V (voltage)/ I (current) for measurement: The resolution of V (voltage)/I (current) can raised up to 10mV/1mA.
  • Memory storage:Memorizes up to 10 formats setting of OCP, OVP and V.Set Limit.
  • USB Interface: Use USB interface to offer PC-Link function to be able to write the control programs, save data and PC-Remote with simple command text format.
    • 制造商: Leaptronix
    • 模型: LPP-3030T