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General Dynamics R2670B
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This is the General Dynamics version of this product, also branded as Motorola.

If you maintain, repair, calibrate, or design radio communications equipment, the R2600 family of Communications System Analyzers has a solution for you. Rugged enough to withstand heavy field use, the R2600 is designed to help you save time and work more efficiently. This platform is available in three models, each tailored to its own set of testing requirements. In addition to including all the capabilities found in the R2600, the R2670 FDMA digital Communications System Analyzer is a special digital hardware platform that allows customized configuration to include multiple test capabilities in one convenient package.

The R2670 includes as standard features:
- Tracking generator
- Cable fault testing
- High performance spectrum analyzer with markers
- Programmable test set-up memory

R2670 Optional test capabilities:
- SMARTNET/SmartZoneTM Type I, I EP II, II
- Project 25 standard conventional (IMBE) and encrypted
- ASTROTM conventional (VSELP) and encrypted

Options at additional cost:
  • CM801 - Enhanced Digital Hardware Module
  • CM813 - Project 25 IMBE (Requires CM801)
  • CM814 - Project 25 Trunking IMBE (Requires CM813)
  • CM816 - Error Vector Magnitude (Requires CM813)
  • CM807 - AES encyption for Enhanced P25 (Requires CM813)
  • CM708 - DES, DES-XL (Requires CM801 & CM711 or CM712)
  • CM709 - DVP-XL (Requires CM801 & CM711, or CM712)
  • CM710 - DVI-XL (Requires CM801 & CM711, or CM712)
  • CM711 - Securenet (Requires CM801)
  • CM712 - ASTRO VSELP ( Requires Cm801)
  • RLN4329A - IEEE Remote Interface
  • RLN4034A - C-Message Filter
  • RLN4361A - CCITT Filter
  • RLN4484A - Phase Modulation/Demodulation
    • 制造商: General Dynamics
    • 模型: R2670B