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Passive Intermodulation (PIM), the new benchmark in antenna system health, has become one of the greatest challenges of frequency planners in today's mobile communication systems. System planners, equipment and component vendors alike are faced with the ever changing dynamics of higher transmit signals and basestation sensitivity and the nonlinear response of two or more frequency signals causing serious interference and network signal degradation. With the uncertainty of the root cause of PIM in any given system, the need to deploy specific testing solutions in a professional, reliable instrument has become paramount in maintaining the overall antenna health for system providers.

The PiMPro family of analyzers has been designed to meet these challenges. Their compact, portable yet rugged features provide maximum power in a reliable, field proven design without compromising the accuracy and precision of intermodulation measurements.

By design, the family of PiMPro Precision Passive Intermod Analyzers provide precise measurement of the 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th order of intermodulation of any system or component under high-power conditions. In addition to passive intermodulation measurements, the units will provide VSWR and Return Loss values. PiMPro Analyzers can be used to verify the integrity of individual passive components including connectors, cable assemblies, antennas, filters, making them an integral performance tool in the field and in the lab.

As a leading provider of wireless basestation enhancement products, CCI set out to design and develop a reliable solution to system performance and enhancement challenges. PiMPro employs state of the art technology and is built to meet the demands and needs of today's wireless suppliers.

Portable and accurate

Small size - Legal TIA carry-on

Highest output power to weight ratio available - up to 40 Watts per tone output in a sub 35 lb portable carry-on size enclosure.

Next Generation Design - Easy to use, touch screen graphical interface gets you up and running quickly

Designed for harsh field environments

Housed in a rugged, water-resistant, portable enclosure protected against field abuse.

High accuracy and performance. -132 dBm PIM sensitivity at 40 Watts per tone --> PIM measurements as low as -178 dBc

Multiple measurement modes - Instant PIM and Return Loss, PIM versus time, Frequency Sweep, Rx Interference

Return Loss measurement feature allows quick detection of open cables

Internal and external data storage

Software updates via USB port

Models for LTE, Cellular 850, PCS & AWS bands (Model 1921 is both PCS and AWS)

Complete DIN 7/16 component accessory kit available.

  • 制造商: Communication Components Inc
  • 模型: PiMPro 1900