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The CT-7VAR is used by electrical contractors, power distribution companies, facilities management, electrical or site-services and maintenance engineers to monitor power (kW)/energy (kWh) usage, check voltage and current variations helping them to diagnose any related issues, or to gather data perhaps to make representations to their power supplier.

Extensively used for UPS sizing and monitoring and standby generator sizing and monitoring. As the product records both voltage and current, users can determine if low voltage is related to high current demands on site, or if the low voltage is being supplied to the site. The CT's fit around cables of 30mm diameter cables. Note, the CT's can be placed around the cables without having to break the main circuit.

Power Factor (known as PF or Cos ?) is recorded for the voltage channel L1 and the current channel A1, this is then used to calculate the real (Watts), reactive (VARs) and apparent (VA) power for all 3 phases within our Electrosoft software. PF measurement also allows users to determine if Power Factor Correction is needed for the site. For accurate measurement of PF, the logger needs a current or voltage reading of around 20% of scale.

When only a single phase voltage supply is easily accessible, the CT-7VAR can still be used to monitor and record 3 phase energy, using three current inputs and a single phase voltage input, rather than the normal 3 voltage inputs.

The advantage of the Electrocorder products over most others is that our data loggers constantly sample information (recording the Min, Max and Average) over the set period, many other products only take 'snap shots' of what is going on and can miss 99.9% of the data that is critical to your analysis.

Order code Current Range SY (60A) or TD (300A); Frequency Range 5H (50Hz) or 6Z (60Hz)
CT-7VAR-SY-5H-IP65-KIT (60A, 50Hz)
CT-7VAR-SY-6Z-IP65-KIT (60A, 60Hz)
CT-7VAR-TD-5H-IP65-KIT (300A, 50Hz)
CT-7VAR-TD-6Z-IP65-KIT (300A, 60Hz)

CT-7VAR-IP65-KIT = Kit includes data logger, CTs, voltage leads, USB lead, Electrosoft software and a carry case.
  • 模型: CT-7VAR-IP65-KIT