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Vonaq CXI-PT5500
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Vonaq CXI-PT5500 Utility Pole Tester for the Telecom and Electricity

This price includes tablet PC

Wooden Utility Poles are an essential part of a countries national infrastructure and it is the responsibility of the Telephone and Electricity companies to ensure that these poles are in good condition, not in danger of collapse and are safe to climb by their staff.

In most cases the method of testing these poles to verify their integrity is through a subjective test involving hitting the pole with a hammer and making sure it "sounds right".

For many years the Telecom and Electricity operators have been looking for an objective test process that can scientifically report the strength of their poles.
Vonaq is announcing the launch of the CXI-PT5500 Wooden Utility Pole Tester. This device changes the test process from being subjective to a scientific and objective test process.

The device consists of a probe that is attached to the pole and a smartphone interconnected via Bluetooth. When a stimulus is applied to the pole (such as a hammer hit) the device will perform vibrational analysis and provide a result to the user indicating the Ultimate Breaking Strength of the Pole plus a simple Pass / Fail indication. This result indicates the overall strength of the Pole including the part below ground where decay is most prevalent.

Richard Petrie, Managing Director of Vonaq Ltd is quoted as saying " We launched the first generation of this tester to the Telecom Industry a year ago and it generated great interest but we had to do a lot of customisation on a per customer basis and this was quite time consuming. This second generation device changes all that, the device can be used straight out of the box for the majority of a customer's Pole Network and for more complex pole arrangements the customisation is now a relatively simple task."

  • 制造商: Vonaq
  • 模型: CXI-PT5500