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Pendulum Instruments CNT-85R
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With the Pendulum CNT-85 and CNT-85R frequency counters and calibrators, Spectracom offers the ultimate tools for stationary as well as portable calibration of frequency, from DC to over 8GHz. These counters are designed for on-site calibration of the master clock in GSM base stations, offering a TUR of >50 over a 10 year period. They also fit on the R&D bench, in the calibration lab or in manufacturing test systems where fast and accurate frequency measurements are needed. Choose between the economy model CNT-85 and the ultimate CNT-85R including a built-in Rubidium time-base reference.

Options at additional cost:
10 = 3.0 GHz Input C
13 = 8.0 GHz Input C
22 = Rack-Mount Kit
23/85 = Battery Pack
27 = Soft Carrying Case
27H = Heavy Duty Hard Transport
30 = Very-high stability Oven Time Base (1x10-8/month)
40 = Ultra-high stability Oven Time Base (3x10-9/month)
80 = GPIB interface (SCPI)
  • 制造商: Pendulum Instruments
  • 模型: CNT-85R