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Symmetricom 6502
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RF GPS Distribution Amplifier

The Symmetricom/Datum 6502 RF Distribution Amplifier packages the Datum-Timing, Test & Measurement (FTS) high end distribution technology in a convenient 1U high unit to distribute high quality RF sine wave signals. The unit houses a set of very low phase noise RF amplifiers while maintaining high isolation ( >100 dB ) between output channels. Up to ten units can be linked in a daisy chain to give up to 100 outputs, or each output of one unit can be used as a source for other Datum 6502 units, to give almost infinite expansion capability with virtually no signal degradation. The unit supports the G703/10 Telecom Signal format.

Low Phase Noise o High Channel Isolation
Ten Channel Output Distribution
Daisy Chain for more than 100 Outputs
Built-in Fault Protection
  • 制造商: Symmetricom
  • 模型: 6502